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11 Feet Wood Inflatable Paddle Board

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uboway teal

Uboway Teal

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Uboway Wood

Uboway Fish

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Uboway colorful wave

Uboway Colorful Wave

SIZE 11'x32"x6" 11'x32"x6" 11'x32"x6" 10'x32"x6"
MAX LOAD 485 LBS 485 LBS 485 LBS 440 LBS
COLOR Teal Black & White Blue & Wood Colorful Wave
SUITABLE FOR Touring,Surfing,Yoga, Sunbathing, Fishing Touring,Surfing,Yoga, Sunbathing, Fishing Touring,Surfing,Yoga, Sunbathing, Fishing Touring,Surfing,Yoga, Sunbathing, Fishing

Features of Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Uboway ISUP is made of multilayered PVC with drop-stitch technology, which is extremely durable, almost unbreakable. 6-inch thickness allows all riders to enjoy this interesting stroke.
  • Uboway's isup board can be used on lakes, rivers or small wavy ocean. It is a good companion for you to paddling, cruising, yoga, sightseeing in flat wateryoga on water.
  • Our paddle board is also portable, because it is inflatable, which is able to rolled up for storage, a backpack is included for stansportation.
  • It comes with an coil safety leash and an adjustable paddle, you can easy row the board even you're standing or sitting on the paddle board.

Product Specification

Material PVC + Drip-Stich
Dimension  11' * 33" * 6"
Weight Capacity 300 LBS

The Newly Designed 2021 Model

This is our third year selling ISUP in the U.S. The green wood grain design is inspired by our past customer reviews in the previous two years, which style is the unique latest style on the market.

Stable and Rigid

Uboway inflatable stand up paddle board is 11 feet length, 32 inch width and 6 inch thickness, match the inflation pressure (14.5 psi), you will get an amzing outdoor water sports equipment.

Full Equipped Accessories

Our premium paddle board package has everything you need to enjoy your day on the water: the board, collapsible aluminum paddle, removable fin, coil safety leash, hand pump, and an upgraded backpack to hold everything.

What Is More In Details

  • EVA Mat - EVA has good friction to prevent users from sliding
  • Four-point bungee - String all your belongings
  • Gas Valve - Quickly deflate and inflate
  • Portable handle - Easy to carry

What Is Included

  • 1 * Paddle board
  • 1 * Aluminum paddle
  • 1 * Travel backpack
  • 1 * Elastic leash
  • 1 * Repairing kit
  • 1 * Black fin
  • 1 * Pump