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11 Feet Blue Wood Fish Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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uboway teal

Uboway Teal

uboway wood

Uboway Wood

Uboway Fish

Uboway Happy Fish

Uboway colorful wave

Uboway Colorful Wave

SIZE 11'x32"x6" 11'x32"x6" 11'x32"x6" 10'x32"x6"
MAX LOAD 485 LBS 485 LBS 485 LBS 440 LBS
COLOR Teal Black & White Blue & Wood Colorful Wave
SUITABLE FOR Touring,Surfing,Yoga, Sunbathing, Fishing Touring,Surfing,Yoga, Sunbathing, Fishing Touring,Surfing,Yoga, Sunbathing, Fishing Touring,Surfing,Yoga, Sunbathing, Fishing

Features for Uboway 11' Blue Wood Fish Inflatable SUP


🌊 Ultra-light PVC Material, Unique Style

Uboway blue wood fish style paddle boards measure 11' x 32 x 6 and can afford up to 440 pounds. At the same time, our boards are made of new military grade PVC materials, which are light in weight and high in strength.
It works perfectly in rivers, freshwater lakes, oceans and various waters and is 35% lighter than conventional materials. It's easy for beginners to get up and balance on Uboway's SUP board and create an incredible all-around board for riders of all skill levels.
The unique stylistic design allows you to be a focus of attention at sea and avoid the embarrassment of having the same surfboard as other strangers.

🌊 More stable & non-slip soft deck

Uboway inflatable paddle boards have a unique color style, and the custom EVA pads are treated with brushed grooves to simulate alligator leather. As a result, it has the ultimate softness and gentle touch, providing the paddler with incredible grip;
Combined with the applied high pressure (14.5 psi) to make the board highly stable, it also includes an ankle safety belt, making it easy to control the non-slip SUP board even for the first time SUPer without worrying about falling into the water.


uboway paddle boards


🌊 Excellent Paddle Maneuverability

Equipped with triple bottom panel fins, it helps the board improve overall speed, steering and handling, making it easier for children, teens and adults to use.
Offering superior surf control, you'll glide and skim like sea creatures! One large fin is removable and two small fins are immovable, they are fixed to the board and you can only use two side fins to help you clear obstacles and keep the board flexible for more fun.

🌊 Adjustable Floating Paddle

Our 3-piece foldable aluminum paddle length has been adjusted from 67" to 86.6". The weight of this floating paddle is ergonomically designed and it will NEVER sink into the water when connected to the foam inserted into each paddle.
Spring ropes on the boards can also help store paddles, freeing hands when not in use. The D-ring can easily fit into our refrigerated bags to keep food and drink cool. All designed to be very comfortable for a day excursion.

🌊 Multifunctional Portable SUP Board

Travel-friendly, equipped with a double-action hand pump for quick inflation or deflation, easy storage and packaging into a carrying bag. Our inflatable surfboards are perfect for fishing, surfing, paddling, cruising, yoga and water sightseeing;
Complete accessories include a repair kit that is a great help when outdoors. Uboway focuses on product quality and customer experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We stand behind our products 100%.


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